This, This, This, This, This : Some Questions When Listening to Michael Edward Edgerton’s Anaphora (article for Theorema Review)

This is a review I wrote for an upstart journal called Theorema, the idea of which is to have artists review other artists.

I actually think this is one of the better things I have written. It’s not really a review – it’s a meditation on experimental art as such.

Theorema titles its articles only with the name of the piece being reviewed, but above is the name I originally proposed. And here is a quote I start with:

“Is communication something made clear? 
What is communication? 
Music, what does it communicate? 
Is what’s clear to me clear to you? 
Is music just sounds? 
Then what does it communicate?” 

John Cage, “Communication,”
lecture-performance given at Darmstadt in 1958