Ep. 2: The True Hollywood Experience | An Opera Singer and a Comedian Walk Into a Bar

Welcome to episode 2 of this segment of the Artists on the Verge podcast called an Opera Singer and a Comedian Walk Into a Bar. It features your host, opera-singer-turned-experimental-performer Ema Katrovas, talking to comedian-and-TV-writer turned-novelist Nicholas Anthony. They have conversations from across the high/low art divide with the goal of being honest about what a life centering art – high or low – actually looks like. 

In this episode it’s story time – Nick goes down the memory line of his “true Hollywood experience” complete with agents and writers’ rooms and making sizzles. Nick and Ema also talk about the NACAs (National Association for Campus Activities), something Ema never heard of before but which apparently launches some performance careers in the US. They talk about the beautiful netherworld of regional entertainment scenes and about the disappearance of the Hollywood middle-class, and do a little detour on the 80-year-old mime living behind a curtain who used to be Nick’s housemate.


  • Recorded in Prague, Czech Republic, in July 2023
  • Featuring: Nicholas Anthony and Ema Katrovas
  • Recorded and edited by Ema Katrovas
  • Theme song is “Stars” by Janis Ian (performed by Ema Katrovas and mixed to sound like a bar)

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